“Wood is our only renewable resource.
I feel it is our responsibility to maintain
our partnership with nature and
not to take it for granted.”

Brian Dumaine, Chief Designer & CEO
  • Hastings Lobby

    Corporate Entrance Lobby and Reception

    Fumed Eucalyptus, sequence match paneling miter fold marble.

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  • Granite Brianpark

    Granite Brianpark

    Sequenced wood panels on lobby walls and reception desk.

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  • Artis Reception Desk

    Artis Reception Desk or Art?
    You Decide

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  • RBOS

    Conference Table

    Chinchilla Mink Marble meticulously crafted in a pinwheel pattern. Corian and Korilenburl base.

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  • Saturn Rings

    "Saturn" Rings

    The concentric metal rings range in diameter from 6' to 50'. They appear to float from the ceiling.

  • Cadbury Tables

    "DNA" Strand

    Hexagonal stools are aligned to as an abstract representation of DNA strand.

  • Marlboro Table

    “Marlboro” Table

    Exposed woodgrain detail on each 1” painted, dowel form the surface of the table, Over 2,500 dowels makeup the table.

  • CTR altar

    Christ the Redeemer

    Impression completed several projects including the altar, narthex, reception and youth room.

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