“Wood is our only renewable resource.
I feel it is our responsibility to maintain
our partnership with nature and
not to take it for granted.”

Brian Dumaine, Chief Designer & CEO
  • 40th Anniversary

    Celebrating 40 Years

    Since 1981, Brian Dumaine has had one focus: delivering excellence.

    Clients appreciate his attention to detail, inherent design sense, and focus on craftsmanship that deliver exceptional results.

    Insistance on quality and integrity has made Impressions the trusted resource that top designers and architects turn to first.

  • Bark Edge Bar

    Bark Edge Bar

    The back drop to this piece is concrete with an overlapping Black granite face and sequenced match waterfall Walnut top caps. The bark edge gives an interesting organic feel to otherwise refined materials.

    This is both a reception counter and sit down bar, complete with taps inside a corporate office.

  • Hatchways serpentine seating

    Hatchways Coworking Space

    Craftmanship showcases this high-performance cowork environment, featuring serpentine seating, conference spaces, and workspaces.

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  • Russell Reynolds Pivot doors

    Hidden Assets

    Three 7’ wide x 9’ tall Pivot doors create full view into conference, rotating to closed position, creating a fully acoustic environment.

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  • Hotel Alessandra

    Hotel Alessandra

    Reception, Bar Bardot, Dining and Spa use complimentary and contrasting elements to create an elegance ambiance.

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  • Lakeway Lexus

    Walnut paneling throughout—

    bookmatched and sequenced from end to end—tells the story of the tree itself.

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  • 4510 custom fixtures

    Luxe Custom Fixtures—

    4510 project's fixtures custom fixture designs reflect the bespoke environment of this retailer.

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  • Hastings Lobby

    Corporate Entrance Lobby and Reception

    Fumed Eucalyptus, sequence match paneling miter fold marble.

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  • Lexus Lakeway Boutique

    The Boutique on Stonelake at Lakeway Lexus

    Distinctive elements come together to give this boutique inside Lexas at Lakeway an identity all its own.

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  • Granite Brianpark

    Granite Brianpark

    Sequenced wood panels on lobby walls and reception desk.

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  • Amy Lakehouse

    Cabin by the Lake Resurrected

    Working with restrictions of a 70-year-old lake cottage, we modernized the entertainment space and designed a play on reflections.

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  • Artis Reception Desk

    Artis Reception Desk or Art?
    You Decide

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  • RBOS

    Conference Table

    Chinchilla Mink Marble meticulously crafted in a pinwheel pattern. Corian and Korilenburl base.

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  • Saturn Rings

    "Saturn" Rings

    The concentric metal rings range in diameter from 6' to 50'. They appear to float from the ceiling.

  • Cadbury Tables

    "DNA" Strand

    Hexagonal stools are aligned to as an abstract representation of DNA strand.

  • Marlboro Table

    “Marlboro” Table

    Exposed woodgrain detail on each 1” painted, dowel form the surface of the table, Over 2,500 dowels makeup the table.

  • CTR altar

    Christ the Redeemer

    Impression completed several projects including the altar, narthex, reception and youth room.

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